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This got both men thinking about writing a book about their respective counties.

Over the course of a few weeks, the duo sat down and began to thrash out ideas about what kind of information a book of this sort should contain and how to go about researching it.

And when the proofs came out, Brian says he was 'delighted' to see his lifetime's work come to fruition.

'Word did get around and people gave me a great deal of information,' he says.There's not many people who would devote over 30 years of their life to putting together a comprehensive database of their county's history dating as far back as 432 AD. Brian recently launched his new book 'The County Wicklow Database 432 AD to 2006 AD', a project which has taken him over three decades to research and collate into one book, which covers a myriad of subjects, events and people in the county's long and proud history.It all began back in 1972 when Bray Camera Club, of which Brian was a member, decided to do two projects.'It all started here,' he laughs, patting a battered old leather-bound notebook which contains much of the information he acquired over the past three decades.'But it's not just in here, it's also in a few boxes and crates at home.' So just how did Brian manage to gather the information and verify it as fact. If I heard a rumour and had only one piece of information, then it would go into the first file.

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And although John decided not to proceed with a book on Donegal, it started a project that would continue for the next 30 years for Brian.

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