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class can be used in various ways to access database data and it’s true story that many developers are somehow confused in which one to choose each time the want to execute queries in the SQL Server.

In this post we will try to make this clear and show the best practices to access your database using one of the following commands: Let’s start.

Students WHERE Student ID = @student ID) IF @temp ID IS NOT NULL SET @result = -1 -- There is already a student with this ID ELSE IF @student Age // Execute Scalar int result Code = Add Student(1, "Chris", 28); // Should get -1 (already record with this ID) int result Code2 = Add Student(5, "Smith", 130); // Should get -2 (Invalid age number) int result Code3 = Add Student(5, "Jason", 21); // Should get 0 (Success) This function is a very good choice when you want to know how many rows your query has affected.Let’s see how easy is to handle the results of each of the query and rollback the transaction in case you have unexpected results.In the following method we try to add 4 Students in the table but the 4th insert should fail and cause the transaction to rollback.At a more advanced level it offers all the functions required in order to create Strongly Typed Data Sets, including Data Relations. NET managed providers, which are the set of objects used to communicate between a data source and a dataset.(In addition to adapters, managed providers include connection objects, data reader objects, and command objects.) Adapters are used to exchange data between a data source and a dataset.

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NET, a Data Adapter functions as a bridge between a data source, and a disconnected data class, such as a Data Set.