Speed dating zen bar

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Speed dating zen bar

Added Conservative, Powersave, Interactive Pro, Intel governors and I/O schedulers Deadline, bfq,sio,sioplus,fifo,fiops,vr,zen 9.

Video card changes: a) available additional GPU frequencies 106, 133,160,177 MHz btw underclock but I to set min freq 457 MHz same as stock kernel.

does anyone have the fix, plz tell me Originally Posted by thanks @BORETS24 , one more thing can you modify systemui to get gradient in status bar, i mean some darker status bar.

---------- Post added at PM ---------- Previous post was at PM ---------- i'm having one big problem with every stock mm rom that whenever i receive any phone call or i make any call the screen becomes unresponsibe.

In stock kernel if overheating on 457 MHz- processor goes in 200 MHz and was lags in games c) Added 640 MHz GPU frequency 10. Added choice adoptable storage(SD card as Internal Memory). Processor mode "1 cpu per module" a place of "2 cpus per module" btw each core change frequency independent, not pair 17. Hangouts, Instagram etc 18 Powersave modes is modified. The future depends on the support Updated many prog to up-to-date versions, including Google Maps Added Facebook Messenger installer Returned the sink thresholds for the video card I returned the stock governor Interactive with some corrections The governor of Hotplug has been reworked (now there is only one kernel running at rest, not two, some changes and fixes in the code) Added governor Hybrid (works somewhat incorrectly, only three cores of 4x work) Fixed: did not show the firmware release date Other (forgot already) 2018/03/18 The NTFS format now works for both read and write (SELinux Permissive is required, as before).

Minimal level for auto brighness is 6 instead 15, minimal level of manual brightness is 2 instead 15 11. you can enable it in Settings Multi-window mode 12. May do it from Quick Settings after reboot or Settings Settings) 14. In Normal mode Cpu frequency is 1583 MHz, in Power saving and Super saving- 1333 MHz 19. Unfortunately, now the manufacturer of the memory card and flash drives is not defined via OTG, in third-party file managers and settings the memory card will be as sdcard1, and OTG flash drive as usbcard.

If the patch does not update, then on the Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML get the force close gallery!

I cleared launcher data- grid settings lose from app menu Switch between 5 and 7 icons in Dockbar on the fly with saving all settings (Asus customize settings-select Asus Launcher, requires root) Updated Google Play services and other programs to the newest versions Removed Asus Micro Film Fixed: the code did not work.

4636 # * Fixed: aircraft wing in quick settings panel Fixed: launcher choice by default Almost completely corrected dark theme (except the WPS window and the spinner in the Memory item) Added a pack of live wallpaper, in which various effects due to the motion sensor Other 1.

My kernel in this ROM patched Magisk v16https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/f...

Marco, who hails from Italy, was also casually dress in a black waistcoat over a white T-shirt, distressed black jeans and sand-colored boots.

He pulled a cap on backwards over his long hair and appeared to be carrying Zoe's red purse.

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The half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican star smoothed her brunette hair back into a half-up style that kept it away from her face while allowing it to cascade over her shoulders.

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