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Finally, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you to this conference.

It is said that the wonderful thing about technology is that it is always moving forward, usually faster than we can keep up with.

I decided to join the Cornell Reflector after finding out that it was the most populized. Most communication takes place via a chat window, which is similar to a chat room type protocal.

Anything a users types into the window can be read by all the other users on the reflector.

This application is appropriately called CU-See Me.

CU-See Me is described as a videoconferencing application that can be used by anyone with a Macintosh or PC and an Internet connection.

The formation of lasting productive partnerships between the participants is also an objective of this conference.

This research conference is open to all in the research and scientific community.

Selected papers will be invited for consideration as a full peer review submission of the conference journals.With the application, you can connect with another user or with multiuser reflectors and participate in real-time videoconferencing.CU-See Me supports both text based and vocal communication methods, but it's main draw is it's ability to send video over the Internet.I always felt that if I could just see the other people, or hear them even, that it would be much easier to communicate with them and make some real friends. Real-time videoconferencing with people all over the world for 0? I certainly didn't and I've been off and on ever since.I feel that most of the people on there now are in the same frame of mind.

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This can be seen with the advent of Computer Mediated Communication and it's development over the last 20 years.

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