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Exposure therapy dating

A little communication can go a long way in avoiding a series of misunderstandings that could ultimately lead to conflict or even break-up of the relationship.If you do not feel that you are able to discuss such issues with your partner, bounce your thoughts off a trusted friend to try to get a different perspective.The lack of counseling analysis is a valid concern relating to exposure therapy PTSD, however.Use of memory recall techniques that could cause a setback represent a potential con as well.In the case of PTSD, a therapist might accompany a crime witness to the scene of the crime, for example.If an individual has been avoiding romantic relationships because of a sexual assault, on the other hand, the therapist might encourage casual dating.If you are committed to working at the relationship, make it clear to your partner that OCD is something you are willing to talk about and want to understand more about.When your partner chooses to disclose to you about particular obsessions or compulsions they are troubled with, make sure you acknowledge how hard it must have been to tell you about them.

Fear is a guiding emotion of individuals with PTSD, and these fears can lead to avoidance of certain situations.As well, it is important to realize that many people with OCD experience other forms of anxiety disorders or depression that can complicate the symptoms he or she experiences.While your partner might be comfortable disclosing the nature and severity of their symptoms to you, they may not be as comfortable discussing these issues with family, friends or co-workers.Confrontation is in fact the basic principle behind exposure therapy.This intervention is a behavioral approach aimed at changing the individual’s behavior, and ultimately, his or her thoughts about the behavior.

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