Did travis mccoy dating katy perry transition from dating to serious relationship

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Did travis mccoy dating katy perry

Katy Perry and Gym Class Heroes' Travis Mc Coy were together for years before they finally pulled the plug on the relationship in 2009.She reportedly penned the song "Circle the Drain" about him, to which he responded, "I look at it like this: I'm just stoked that she finally has a song with some substance on her record.However, Cupid himself gets shot with an arrow by a female Cupid, and the video closes with the two of them dancing together with Mc Coy & Perry watching from in front.(Cupid also dances several times before the ending).Initially, she went up to him when they were at a bar.

The second version is more widely recognized because music networks such as MTV and VH1 play this version instead of the original, and because the original does not appear on i Tunes.The two are madly in love at first, but as the video moves forward, the two begin fighting, and their relationship meets its end when Mc Coy's girlfriend walks in on him and his friends gambling.Cupid tries a second time to get Mc Coy into a relationship.The doll then begins to malfunction, and Mc Coy has no choice but to destroy her.He pushes her off a bridge, and she appears to be dead.

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The doll acts as Mc Coy's girlfriend in the video and fulfills his every wish.