Complaints on elenas models dating dating format used by scammers

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Complaints on elenas models dating

In Ukraine, gender roles are still very much enforced through the society’s values and media.

The man is supposed to be the provider, that’s his main and basically only function.

She is the one doing all the domestic work and also advancing her career and earning more.Straight after being looked after by the mother, a guy moves in with the newlywed bride, who is now supposed to fulfil the same functions of cooking for him, cleaning home, shopping, washing and ironing.The guy, who is used to the way how mommy was doing things for him, starts voicing his displeasures, often based on the feedback from the mother, who believes it is her job to ensure her precious son is being properly looked after.The popular newspaper decided to consult a psychologist Irina Petrova. Even with low Ukrainian wages, frequently ladies are the ones bringing home the bacon, while the husband seems to be happy to just have a job.According to society’s views, the male should be the provider in the family, and if he earns less than the female, it’s a reason for her to feel deeply unhappy.

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