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All 1oo percent free online chatting love 2013

7 Thewil l iams sisters are best fr iends despite the fact that... Which case ofsibl ing r ivalry do you think is the most extreme? ' Do you know any other examples of serious sibting rivatry?

5 often competed against each other in impotant compet t ionsl 6 often criticise each other in the firedia? 5 The Dasste- brotfers separale.o'rpdrie( 6 Some peop[e ir Herzogenaurach refused to social ise with each other because ... Which slbl ings'achievements are the most impressive?

Now n thelr 90s, the sisters apparently s Ull oathe each otherl More recently, the rivalry between rock stars Noel and Liam Ga agher has hit the news. Which do you think is the most important characteristic in a friend? You are going to listen to three conversations, Listen to Maz confiding in Anna, and answer the questions.

'Theyjust don't have much a common,' commented one person at the time.

Your best friend phones because she's had a rolv with her boyfriend. vou'lriend is worried because his morher is Boing into hospitat. What steps do you go through when you write 5omething in Engtish,for exampte a biography of a famous person?

'I You can trustthem, 2 They atways tett you the truth. -he conpe iivc.aario.rg'] p berweel rlese s sters s the stuff of Ho lwvood egend. Aro ir I die i 's., s1e l .,ldo Lbtedly be ri\^gllbecd Lse I beat l-er to t. Thek rvalry became very pubic n 1946 when Olivla won an Oscan Joan was asked to present the award but O ivia ref Ltsed to even shake her hand. Take 1940s move stars O iv a de Havilland and Joan Fo_td re. 4 What does Anna promise at the end ofthe conversation? r 1.5 Listen to Joe talking to one of the women from the previous conversation, and answerthe quest|ons, Who is Joe talking to? Reading and [istening: News articles Reading: We may have 750 friends online, but we're lonely Listening: Online dating 'l Perfect tenses More about the Present perfect simple and continuous Human achievements Wordspot: /rrst **,:,"ru Study, Practice & Remember page 131, Audio scripts page 167, lrregularverb l ist page 179 8VLa8ed 'spronrr osotll lequrauou Lv L aled 'Z af,rtrerd t ,(pnr S 97; a8ed 'L a)lperd B ,{pnrs Bu;1ead5 qsel Bu1ua1s11 :uol1eredal4 auuer Bord nf e roj ee Pr ue luosojd suottrsanb ul su.uo1 pue lea/l saoreq Bunsu6 :elnllnf Pllo/v\ e Bessauu 1o sad,{1 :tu;l;.r/y\ auoqdalal aql uo sr-ualqord qlgrur 3u11ea6 :3u11eed5 en;1 e3en3uel 57; a8ed 'sprom eseql taquaua1 yyy a Bed 'Z arperd t ,(Pnr S 97; a8ed 'L arllerd t ,{pnr S Burlead5:1se1 Bu rualsrl :uogleredel4 ,(ped reuurp ,{se1ue; e ue16 suollsan D Pue slueualels ro uolleuolul ssefls PJo A ft8ue ro uler Sutpuno5 s3x$Jns uno N rgtaqledu,{s Surpuno5 sqlan fietllxn Y 6E; e Bed 'spro M eseql iaquaulau g El e8ed'Z a)rperd t,(Pni S 2g; e Bed 'L erperd t ,(Pnr S a^rlelreu y :tu;tg.ttv\ suelqo Jd Pelfadxaun ql! ^ eleh ur$^n Sur Sueq) roccr 1 hid Itti H4I Speaking and listening \r'\)l! 6i t.1 Listen to six speakers.which item from exercise 1a does each speakertatk about? /v\ 3u11ea6 :3u;1eed5 anl'1 e3en3uel 3u11ead5 :4sel 3urua1sr1 :uog1e.redel4 matn;o slutod o^ l tuorj &o1s e 11a1 7y; a Bed 'splo M eseql raquoulau ;7; a8ed 'z arrlfeld t ,{Pnrs gy; e Bed 'L artrerd t ,{Pnr S 3u11ead5 :;se1 Sulpeex :uol1ereder6 uotsstu a:eds e uo o B o1 aldoad esooqf zernunu lo elnle N :arniln) PFo/n elnulo J ssaurddeq aql :â¬Jnunt Pl Jo/v\ 99; a8ed 'sp Jo M asaql Jeqruaulau 59; e8ed'Z alrperd '6 ^Pnt S 79;. ii ti,ii ;\ti,ri ill.trril:ill.: 1a Read A-F above.

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