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I went on a doctor-approved diet that involved no alcohol, and she pushed hard to get me to drink with her.

She continually treated me like a therapist and complained about everything and constantly asked for my verbal validation, but she never expressed any interest in my life.

Now she’s saying she wants to “respect my boundaries,” so let’s just go get lunch since I can’t do all-day outings.

I’ve heard that line before from the aforementioned abusive-ex, and I’m not falling for it again.

She would buy me slightly-too-extravagant gifts when we clearly did not have that level of friendship, at least from my perspective.

Six months ago, after she pulled a scheduling bait-and-switch to trick me into helping her deep clean her apartment and then directed me around like I was her maid, I decided I was done with being pushed around by Sally.

I will say, though, that if a candidate turned down an offer twice, I’d be skeptical that it would go any differently if we got a third application from them.Most employers will not refuse to consider you again if you turned down an offer.After all, you were good enough for them to want to hire last time, so there’s a good chance that you will be again.Sally and I are the only two young women in a medium-sized office where she is considered “intense” by others but is a very productive seller of our product.I am middle-management administrative support for the company.

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(It does not say in the job posting that the phone interviews will be unscheduled.) Most people who are called don’t answer, and the manager leaves a voicemail message, so some get in contact later on to schedule an interview.

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